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    Blindness cured with a simple injection

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    A cure for blindness may be found in a new procedure that involves making an injection directly into the eye.


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    One of the most common causes of sight loss is retinal vein occlusion, a swelling of the macula due to blood clots forming in the eye. The new procedure, which takes just seven minutes to perform, reverses sight loss and avoids permanent damage with a simple injection of ranibizumab into the eye.

    The new treatment prevents the blood vessels from dilating and new blood vessels growing so that the eye can heal and stop dangerous leakage of blood and serum.

    According to new reports on the procedure, a 0.3mm diameter needle is inserted through the white of the eye into the vitreous, the jelly-like substance between the lens and the retina. The drug is then released there and works its way to the retina via diffusion. This treatment was recently approved by the UK's National Health Service and has already been tested successfully on several patients.