Swedish woman Ingrid Meinking, 75, kills fox with bare hands



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A 75-year-old Swedish woman, Ingrid Meinking, from a small village outside Sundsvall in northern Sweden, killed a fox that was menacing her chickens with her bare hands, according to a report in Swedish edition of The Local.

Meinking reported hearing a noise outside of her home late one night. Something had set her cats off, so she went to investigate. A fox was haunting her hen-house in search of a meal, though Meinking didn't know it at the time as it was pitch black outside and she couldn't see anything. She shouted in the direction of the noise in an attempt to scare off whatever is was.

But then the beast ran right at her, darting between her legs. With the reflexes of a panther, she trapped it between her shins. She grabbed it to find her hands around the furry tail of a fox, then she did what any normal septuagenarian protecting her hens would do: She swung it around over her head twice then brought its tiny fox head down on some stone steps. It died from the impact.

Meinking thought to keep the animal as a type of victor's trophy, but buried it in the woods instead. She reported that one of her five hens suffered a minor injury at the paws of the carnivore, but all of them were able to lay eggs the next morning. She also reporting seeing another fox the following night, but she was on guard and ready for a possible attack.