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    Racist Red Sox fan steals homerun ball, throws it back onto field

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    During Game of the ALCS, Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila smacked a homer into the right field stands. The ball was caught by a woman, who probably wanted to keep it as a trophy. But an angry Red Sox fan ripped the ball from her clutches and chucked it back onto the field. The man has not been identified, but reports said he was previously heard making racist taunts.

    ALCS game 2 It was truly an amazing upset for the Boston Red Sox. The Sox were down 1-5 in the bottom of the 8th when David Ortiz hit a grand slam, tying the game and giving Boston the momentum they needed to win. The most memorable image from the game is Torii Hunter's legs jutting out of the bullpen as he failed to catch Ortiz's ball. A now famous Boston police officer, solidarity beard and all, was too excited to control himself and began celebrating even while Hunter was still face down in the pit.

    Unfortunately, another moment earlier in the game has taken some of the shine off that glorious moment for Boston, as one of their fans made an ass of himself by grabbing a Detroit home run ball out of the hands of an excited spectator and throwing it back. The woman just caught the homer and was clearly ecstatic over her unique souvenir. But the Sox fan to her left, who by other accounts was also hurling racist slurs through most of the game, ripped the ball from her hands and threw it back onto the field. Though his actions might have been in line with baseball tradition, throwing the opposing team's homers back at them and employing colorful racial epithet, it was nonetheless unacceptable in the eyes of almost all onlookers. Beyond the dictates of common manners, which state a gentleman does not wrench things from the hands of a lady, there is also team reputation to consider. After all, Boston fans wouldn't want to be mistaken for a crowd of misogynistic, violently drunk, racists, now would they?


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