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    by BalconyTV

    TILKY JONES performs the song KEEP ON RUNNING for BalconyTV.
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    From Pretty Little Liars,Single Ladies and Nashville casts, Tilky Jones, leader of the band Tilky & The Brigade.They mobilized in 2000 while working in Grammy award winning engineer Eric Schilling's studio in Orlando, FL. Tilky & The Brigade have been rearranged several times over the years to find their niche in this vast musical market. Tilky & The Brigade besieged their own style of music called "Jank." Jank is pop-styled vocals with a heavy rhythmic component inspired by reggae and rock.

    Tilky Montgomery Jones was born in Charleston, SC. Three years later he relocated with his parents and brother to Vero Beach, FL where he was raised.

    At 11 years old, Tilky went with a neighborhood friend to an audition for a local play. It was then that he fell in love with theater. Soon after he began appearing in Equity plays and print advertisements. At 13 he became the youngest person ever accepted into the Broadway Theater Project Apprenticeship under Seth Riggs, Anne Reinking, Treat Williams and other acting greats. Within months of starting auditions, Tilky booked his first commercial at 13 - an international television spot for Nerf for which he became a S.A.G. actor.

    Tilky entered high school with experience in and love of the arts. He started exploring music at 14 when he joined the band "User Friendly" as a drummer, and eventually became the group's lead singer. His vocals and writing skills ventured into musical theater while continuing to book films and commercials.

    At 15 Tilky was presented with a life-changing opportunity when the band Take 5 approached him to complete the group as its fifth member. He dropped everything to join Take 5 and began working diligently with the other members on an album and worldwide tour. In 1999, Take 5 recorded an album to be released in the US. The group worked with various writers and super-producers such as DiLite Allenby, Timbaland, and Missy Misdemeanor Elliot. The album was released and its single was climbing the Billboard charts, but in 2000 Take 5 disbanded due to an internal conflict caused by management. At that time Tilky made the difficult decision to go on hiatus.

    Never ceasing to write music, in 2005 Tilky re-joined the industry. He began writing and producing for other artists, recording his own work, and jumped back into acting.

    He has since guest-starred in various recurring roles on television shows such as Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill, and can be seen in numerous films in supporting roles such as "Never Back Down" starring Dijmon Hounsou, "The Guardian" starring Ashton Kutcher and Keven Costner, and "Every Day" starring Helen Hunt and Live Schreiber. Currently in the world of acting, Tilky is starring in independent films such as Thank God for You Charlie and Single Ladies, the first ever scripted television series on VH1. This series includes actors Stacey Dash, Lisa Raye, D.B. Woodside, and Common to name a few.

    Based in L.A., Tilky continues to act, sing and produce.

    Producer / Talent Booker: Cindi Avnet
    Cinematographer: Cory Evans
    Recorded: James Schumacher
    Mixed By: Jeff Bates
    Co-Producer/ Talent Booker: Leah Hobbs
    Atara Gottschalk: Admin
    PAs: Chloe Robinson, Lydia Reed
    Photography: Chloe Robinson, Lydia Reed

    Special Thanks to Tom & Jeannie Buck for Balcony Location!

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