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    #Occupywallstreet Protesters were Promised a Utopian Lifestyle

    Heather Doom

    by Heather Doom

    But instead they got the individual mandate. I think the Occupy Wall Street crowd thought Obamacare was going to tax the super rich, kill granny and give them the money via a direct democracy vote (wiggling your fingers in the air).

    Then your Marxist dreams would come true and you would not get what you want but what you need -(a $100,000 and a copy of Skyrim) so you can lay around playing video games for the greater good of mankind as living proof socialism works.

    Now the truth comes out, Obamacare is going to tax young and dumb and poor and make them poorer then use the money to provide healthcare for granny driving up the price of healthcare even further requiring even higher taxes and penalties. And to add insult to injury when all is said and done will probably kill granny anyways.