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    Nicki Minaj shows off her Kmart clothing line and talks when we can hear new music on Good Morning America! What's up Barbz this is ClevverMusic, welcome back guys. Nicki Minaj made a guest appearance in a segment on GMA October 16 to show off her new clothing line at Kmart the "Nicki Minaj Collection"! Nicki filmed the segment at a Los Angeles Kmart, the same one that I got my Nicki clothes at last week! Nicki showed up in a show stopper hot pink Lamborghini to talk about her new line and the creative process. She revealed her favorite piece in the collection is this black and gold spandex crop top with matching leggings, which seems to capture the line perfectly. Nicki also revealed where she drew inspiration for the unique and affordable collection from: the fashion greats like Versace, but then also, her Barbz saying "they kinda boss me around!" Over the past year, she tweeted pics of clothes and asked fans to weigh in online. In her GMA interview Nicki explained her goal, "...take Kmart to another level, and make girls like me feel like we could shop here." And if I'm any indication here guys, it's working. I went to Kmart and bought three of her pieces last week. But that's not all for the GMA interview, they snuck in a question about the future of music for Nicki. Queen Barb revealed new jams are coming, "...definitely 2014 obviously, but I don't wanna say when 2014 that's a secret." So it seems Nicki does know when, she just doesn't want to tell us! Let's cross our fingers for a new single early next year. Tell us what you think of Nicki's clothing line! Maybe she'll sing us a song about fashion?! I'm Misty Kingma thank you so much for watching ClevverMusic. - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!
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