THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Viral Site Teases More Villains

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THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Viral Site Teases More Villains
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Who wants to read the real newspaper when we can all just read The Daily Bugle. Now, just incase you have no idea what Im talking about, the Daily Bugle is a fictional newspaper in the Spider-Man universe. But it's actually a fake news site too that Sony runs in order to keep hard core Spidey fans up to date on what might be happening in New York, in between movies. But recently, there was a Bugle post that really caught our attention. We have been hearing rumors that Sony was makin' plans for a Sinister Six film. Jamie Foxx, who will be playing Electro in The Amazing Spiderman 2, and Paul Giamatti who plays The Rhino have both hinted that conversations have been had about it. And this new Bugle post is definitely not helping debunk the rumors. The post is teasing that Hydro-Man, Vulture, and maybe even Spider Slayer is popping up in the Spider-man universe after the events that took place at Oscorp in the first film. Oscorp is apparently working a flight harness prototype, thanks to the oversight of scientist Spencer Smythe. And there is also mention of a new alternative energy source being created that is quote "complete with [a] hydroelectric tower." But what does this mean? I am sure many of you all know Smythe is the creator behind the spider slayers in the comics. And if Oscorp is creating a flight harness, you may remember that that is exactly what the Vulture used to commit his crimes. But, with the mention of hydro electric power, one might also assume that Hydro-Man may also come into play.There was also a tease in an earlier post that there is a "Big Man" trying to organize crime on the street of New York, which could many folks think hints at Kingpins involvement, a villain who also is Daredevils foe. Although, Kingpin might be a stretch, seeing that Marvel & Disney have the rights to that character. So there are a lot of villainous possibilities here, but why in the world would Sony talk about all of this on The Daily Bugle if it didn't mean something for the future of Spidey's cinematic story? Do you think that Sony is setting us all up for a Sinister Six movie? Thank you all so much for sticking with us at ClevverMovies for all of your Amazing Spiderman updates. From Hollywood, Im Erin White, and Ill see you next time.

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