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    Miley Cyrus Raps about Drugs in French Montana remix! - Subscribe to Clevver Music! - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us!
    Miley Cyrus shows off her hip hop skills in French Montana's "Ain't Worred About Nothing" remix singing about fashion and her friend Molly! Hey Smilers thanks for checking in with us at ClevverMusic. So as we previewed for you in August, Miley Cyrus has jumped on pal French Montana's "Ain't Worried About Nothing" remix track to do some rapping of her own. The full song has now been released and is creating a lot of buzz since Miley's rapping abouttrendy drug Molly, once again, as she did in her song "We Can't Stop". Miley shows off her cred and takes over the whole beginning of the remix song rapping (brace yourself), "Bitch I ain't worried about nothing, IIII/ Broke the record on the day I dropped my video, I got three thick girls in my video/ Pop that Molly and you know you'll never stop, you think I'm turnt up wait until my album drops/ Mmm Versace Versace Versace, I wear that vintage Versace/ Fashion week you can find me in New York, posing for the paparazzi". The verse isn't done there but continues to hear the standout slam, "In my all white like French Montana/ Oh sh**, there goes Hannah Montana/ Actin' like a little southern girl, now I'm twerking like I grew up in Atlanta". So if Miley rapping about Molly wasn't enough, she brought Hannah Montana and twerking up in there. It's safe to say Miley isn't afraid of a little controversy or making fun of her past. You guys are gonna have to check out the song yourself to decide if you like Miley The Rapper. I'd like to end by saying we by no means condone the use of drugs in any regard. We love you guys, stay clean. So it appears Miley isn't worried about nothing according to this remix, are you? Should we worry about Miley taking over hip hop? Tell us! Thanks for watching guys, we love you. I'm Misty Kingma I'll see you soon right back here on ClevverMusic. - Follow Misty!
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