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    My Little Pony - Tomodachi wa Mahou S2E03 Japanese (RAW)


    chocoreichan より

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    Timothy Madden
    any idea when season 3 will be out? and will u post it here?
    ユーザー名 Timothy Madden昨年
    Thanks for commenting! Season 1 intro was the same every episode with Twilight talking about the basic synopsis for the show. Season 2 started doing synopsis' of that day's episode and they will probably switch pony narration as it seems to fit. In this one Pinkie Pie basically says that today's episode is about Twilight panicking about not sending a letter to Celestia and she might go back to magic kindergarten. What's going to happen!? That sort of thing. :)
    ユーザー名 chocoreichan2 年前
    That's interesting that they're using the audio for the remastered theme song now (in the background of that opening narration scene), but using the video from the original version of the theme song. Also interesting is the fact that Pinkie's providing the narration here (hasn't it always been Twilight before?) Just out of curiosity, what's the general gist of what she's saying?
    ユーザー名 Jonny_Manz2 年前