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    Man Sells Dog-Chewed Shoes as Art

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    by Geo Beats

    Supporting the creative efforts of his dog, Jack, a man from Rose Hill, Virginia recently put a shoe the dog destroyed on eBay as art.

    Want to dip a toe into the art world, but not sure if art school is for you?

    Consider becoming an artist’s patron. It worked out for the Medici when they took on Michelangelo, and it’s also proving to be a successful venture for a man from Rose Hill, Virginia who is currently supporting the creative ventures of his dog, Jack.

    After discovering that his beloved pet had torn apart an expensive shoe, Terrence Nowlin chose to take the matter lightly.

    He also said he was impressed by how thorough a destruction job the dog had done of the 200-dollar pair of Cole Haan wingtips.

    In line with his commitment to levity, Nowlin put the shoe up for sale on eBay, touting it as a seminal work of an emerging canine artist.

    In addition to thousands of views for the item, the shoe has brought in bids and is currently going for over 150 dollars.

    This is Jack’s debut piece in the marketplace, but not the first work he’s completed.

    Among them are mixed media pieces including ‘Freeing of the Garbage from the Shackles of the Glad Bag’ and ‘A Million Pieces of a Bluetooth Headset’.