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    Moscow Diner Only Hires Twins

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    A Russian restaurant owner has officially decided to only hire sets of twins as workers in his establishment.

    In the current competitive environment, restaurants need to find a way to stand apart from the rest of the pack.

    A Russian restaurant owner has decided to hire only twins as workers in his establishment.

    The Twin Stars diner, located in Moscow employs identical siblings, who have to wear matching outfits while serving customer. Although the gimmick is geared towards keeping patrons happy and luring in new customers, it also keeps the workers content, as most twins share a special bond with each other.

    All of the employees claim to be thrilled to work side by side their counterpart. According to the owner of the eatery, the inspiration for the twin themed restaurant comes from his favorite childhood movie called the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors.

    He wanted to take that aspect of the fairytale involving the imaginative world of twins and incorporate that into his business. Although finding twins with the right amount of experience in the restaurant world is tough, the concept seems to be received very well by customers of The Twin Stars diner.

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