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    Senem Deniz

    by Senem Deniz

    Call termination, also known as voice termination, refers to the routing of telephone calls from one telephone company, also known as a carrier or provider, to another.The terminating point is the called party or end point. The originating point is the calling party who initiates the call.This term often applies to calls while using voice over Internet protocol (VoIP): a call initiated as a VoIP call is terminated using the public switched telephone network (PSTN). In such cases, termination services may be sold as a separate commodity. The opposite of call termination is call origination, in which a call initiated from the PSTN is terminated using VoIP. Thus, in "origination" a call originates from PSTN and goes to VoIP, while in "termination" a call originates in VoIP and terminates to the PSTN.VoIP call termination is a word that is fast spreading across the globe among all age groups—from individuals to small businesses to corporations and enterprises. It simply means providing a path or route through which voice can be transmitted or sent over Internet.There are many providers which offer VoIP call termination services. For instance, a tier-1 operator registered and having a physical international network in the country has the right to originate and terminate a call using Internet telephony services.[citation needed]In order to provide voice over IP call termination services, a tier 2 operator can initiate call termination over the Internet by leasing a portion of network from a tier 1 operator.Similarly there are tier 3 operators who can lease network services from both tier 1 and tier 2 service providers. It saves tier 2 and tier 3 operators much of the cost of infrastructure and registration. infrastructure like routers which need a substantial investment to be incurred are taken care of by tier 1 operators. Besides them, there are wholesale call termination providers and resellers of voice over IP telephony which also offer similar termination facilities.