Woman Charged With Tax Evasion After Posting Online Photos of Lavish Life

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One woman in the Philippines is now in some hot water for tax evasion after posting photos of herself bathing in a tub full of money.

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A Philippino woman residing in the US is now in some hot water after posting online photos of herself bathing in a tub full of money.Her obvious lavish lifestyle caught the attention of her country’s tax man.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue, commonly referred to as the BIR has now filed tax evasion charges against 23-year-old Jeane Napoles, who is the daughter of a scam operator and mastermind of a major corruption scandal, Janet Napoles.

An authority for the bureau noted “BIR records, however, showed that Napoles did not file any income tax return (ITR) for taxable years 2011 and 2012; nor were there any records of returns filed that will prove that gifts, bequests or devices were given to her.”

Jeane is currently living in the United States for the sole purpose of school studies.She has no listed source of income, but reportedly purchased a luxury Los Angeles condo in 2011.
Some of her online pictures featured her posing next to brand new luxury vehicles, wearing designer clothing and throwing ridiculously expensive parties. For the combined years of 2011 and 2012, her tax liability amounted to approximately $750,000.