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    Air on the G String - J.S.Bach

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    Enjoy this relaxing and magical version of Air on the G String by J.S.Bach. The magic of music overcomes all times and all cultures and the natural action of singing a lullaby for its Baby is a special and magical moment for parents and children.
    Many scientific studies prove that music helps to relax both mother and child. Especially melodies by classical composers are able to create a positive reaction in children and Babies and to stimulate the creation of new neural connections. - LaTVdeibambini - (Ri)Scopri le canzoni per bambini più belle - Benvenuti sul canale dedicato a voi e ai vostri amici ed eroi preferiti! Iscriviti al nostro canale per vedere sempre tutti i nostri nuovi video ! - Facebook FanPage: - LaTVdeibambini: