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We'll Surely Die The Green Mohair Suits
THE GREEN MOHAIR SUITS performs the song "WE'LL SURELY DIE" for BalconyTV.
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They may have formed for a Gram Parsons tribute night in 2006, but the sweeping, expansive clatter and twang The Green Mohair Suits pedal these days pushes their country, folk and bluegrass roots as much as it respects them.

A quartet of expressive songwriters that take their four-part harmonising as seriously as they take their dedication to a drunken good time, Brian Campeau, Richie Cuthbert (Cuthbert & The Nightwalkers), Jason Mannell and Ben Romalis have no choice but to shift what began as a side project up several gears.

Having started as a way to hang out, enjoy a few drinks and stretch their obvious skills at smaller unrehearsed gigs, things have snowballed thanks to a reputation for inspired showmanship and performances as brash as they're emotive.

With well-received spots at tribute shows to Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen to their credit, the crew's next high-profile gig will be as backing band to artists like Josh Pyke and Jonathan Boulet at the upcoming all-star performance of Beck's Song Reader.

But The Green Mohair Suits are about much more than delivering new takes on old sounds. Their inspired musicianship has seen them compile a collection of quality original tunes -- a solid mix of heartbreak and hangover, humour and humility -- that are crying out to entertain a broader audience.

Occupying a broad musical landscape between influences like Beck, Fleet Foxes, Hank Williams, Tom Waits, Portishead & Gram Parsons, Campeau labels their music "Garage-grass", adding fans should "expect sad songs and waltzes." He forgets to add that they should also prepare themselves for a harmonious blur of booze-soaked good times, mixed with schooner-loads of emotion and energy.

"See us because we're super hot and our harmonies are like having an orgasm on a mountain top," Campeau declares. "The vibe onstage is always great -- we focus much more on having a good time than being perfectionists."

With an eye towards the sort of entertainment mostly lost these days, Campeau finishes up by explaining, "We are loose and tight at the same time. We sing like angels in a dirty bar. Like a perfect naked woman covered in ants."

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Executive Producer: Justine Moyle
Assistant Producer: Sinead Barrett
Presenter: Cassie Walker
Camera: Joe Andrade
Mixed and Recorded by: Carl Nagy

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