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    Anti-Load Campaign : Disclaimer Qtiyapa

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    A disclaimer video which should be played before every fictional work to avoid people from getting offended. Because taking offence is more injurious than smoking.

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    Created by: Arunabh Kumar
    Directed by: Deepak Kumar Mishra
    Produced by: Prashant Raj
    Written by: Arunabh Kumar
    Co-written by: Anandeshwar Dwivedi and Biswapati Sarkar
    VFX and Edited by: Amit Golani
    Cinematography: Vaibhav Bundhoo
    Associate Director: Nidhi Bisht
    Creative Directors: Anandeshwar Dwivedi, Biswapati Sarkar and Amit Golani
    Art Director: Prem Mistry
    Assistant Director: Dhruv Dikshit

    Indian Man: Dhruv Dikshit
    Doctor: Biswapati Sarkar
    Patient: Manuj Sharma
    Khap Panchayat: Anandeshwar Dwivedi
    VO Artist: Prashant Raj
    Attackers: Prateek Srivastav, Nidhi Bisht an