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    Wochit Headline News

    by Wochit Headline News

    This shizz is just a massive mess!
    We know break ups can be complicated, but Ariana Grande's split with Jai Brooks is freakin' out of control!
    Sure, the two have been split for a little bit, but Jai just recently came out on Twitter to accuse Ariana of cheating on him with her new beau, The Wanted's [...]
    This probably isn't good for business.
    Miley Cyrus has been dancing all around the world with little people to promote her new music, but the uproar against this is about to fuel up.
    Hollis Jane was one of the dancers who was in a bear costume for Mileybird's VMAs performance. And while she might not have had [...]
    LOS ANGELES (AP) - Hugh Jackman threw himself a birthday party with 4,500 guests, but they had to pay to attend.
    Statement says actor's TV schedule isn't allowing him to adequately prepare for role of Christian Grey.