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    Jeevinchu..Saadinchu | Award Winning Telugu Short Film | By Hari Krishna Vollala


    by teluguone

    In past centuries, Dissatisfaction is the root for the cause of Revoulutions, but in this century the same dissatisfaction if became as the cause for ending life of a human being. Because of lack of proper knowledge, guidance and mentoring the young generation is going to depression mood. It is the duty of elders to give suitable advice to boost the younger generation confidence level. In this short film, I have attempted the same as giving right counsel by the elder to the young generation to achieve their goal in this life only. Everyone has only one life, don't end it forcibly, alive and achieve.

    Cast: Srikanth, Srinadha, Srinivasa Rao, Kiran, krishna Koutily, Hari Krishna

    Camera: Sai Goud

    Editing: Pradeep Kumar

    Director: Hari Krishna Vollala

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