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    Kentucky Schools "Ban" Good Sportsmanship Handshakes

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    The Kentucky High School Athletic Association has retracted what they first issued as a ban on postgame handshakes, and made clarifying statements.

    During a sporting game, there are many longstanding traditions that promote good sportsmanship. Now, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, or KHSAA, has clarified their ban on postgame handshakes due to the increasing number of violent outbreaks resulting.

    Admitting that their first announcement ordering all high schools to no longer engage in postgame handshakes was poorly worded, the KHSAA clarified that the handshakes must be strictly supervised and any violence breaking out as a result would hold the school accountable and subject to fines.

    In terms of the violent outbreaks requiring the new policies, the KHSAA cited “more than two dozen incidents in the last three years in Kentucky alone.” They also blamed adults for not supervising closely enough.

    Many feel that instead of new restrictions on postgame handshakes, teens should be taught proper respect and conduct, and be held responsible for their actions should they lose their self control – such as being suspended from future games if they engage in violence. Adults, even fans and mascots, should also serve as role models and examples of good sportsmanlike behavior.