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    Mother Makes Son Walk on Side of Busy Highway at Night

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    34-year-old Angela Graciela Garcia is now facing legal charges after she forced her son to walk on the side of a busy expressway.

    There are some days when kids can easily get under a parent’s nerves. Annoyed is one way to describe how a Texas mother, 34-year-old Angela Graciela Garcia felt with her 10-year-old son, but the method of punishment landed her in some serious hot water.

    On a recent Monday, at approximately 8:30 at night, Garcia had been driving along Interstate 45, also referred to as the Gulf Freeway, in League City when she and her child began arguing in the car.

    Frustrated, the mother ordered the boy to get out of the vehicle. Once he was on the shoulder of the freeway, Garcia took off, stopping about 250 feet up the road.

    The child reportedly walked on the side of the expressway for about 10 minutes. Thankfully, a passerby noticed the boy and contacted police.

    A law enforcement officer stated "The freeway is not the place to teach your child a lesson. A 10-year-old is in no position, in the dark, to be walking home on a major freeway."

    Garcia was arrested and is now facing charges of abandoning and endangering a child.