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Gravity felt very similar to the film 2012 where the main character just barely escapes from multiple catastrophic events in the nick of time... and that's the story. Apparently Gravity is a film that is only really good if you see it on the big screen. I think it should stand on its own no matter where you see it and that's not going to happen if your story and characters are forgettable. Don't get me wrong, it is a thrilling film in the sense that Space Mountain is a thrilling ride. I swear, so many people are like: "Ermahgerd! Gravity is like the bestest movie ever!" but in reality, to me, it felt like a typical blockbuster film.

I'd say a big problem with Gravity is George Clooney. He plays the same character he always does and delivers some very corny lines. He's really not a character at all and instead a cliche. Bullock does fine in her role though but overall her character isn't strong enough. There are attempts to add depth but they come off as forced and it doesn't really work. The film really gives you no reason to root for her thus making it difficult to get fully involved.

But Cauron makes sure that you are involved by using his visuals. Damn, I'll say it again, he really makes it feel like space (for the most part, apparently there are some huge scientific inaccuracies but that's a different story). To me it felt like I was up there with the astronauts experiencing space myself. It's an impressively shot film. But while nice to look at, after awhile it starts getting silly watching Ryan Stone survive so many over the top situations (she must have had God-mode enabled). Like I said, it's a typical thriller film, nothing too special.

So see it in theaters if you want, it's pretty cool. I'm really not that compelled to see it again. No characters grabbed me emotionally, there's really no story, which makes it a nearly forgettable film.

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