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    Refugee Tragedy - Europe in the Dock | Quadriga

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    Again and again people are dying while crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe. They are fleeing war, persecution and poverty. But the EU is closing its outer frontiers. Wíll Europe stop at nothing to protect its own prosperity?

    The recent fatal shipwreck off Lampedusa has kicked off a widespread debate about the EU's refugee policies on the part of politicians, NGOs and the media. Some are calling for an expansion of Frontex, the EU border control agency, other critics blame politicians for concentrating on keeping refugees out, rather than helping them get to Europe legally.
    Our Guests:

    Christian Jakob, editor of the German newspaper "taz".
    Michael Stürme, senior correspondent at the German daily "Die Welt".
    Laura Lucchini, freelance journalist for the Argentinean newspaper “La Nación”, the “El País” in Spain, and the Italian publications “Linkiesta” and “L´Unità.”