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    Americans Like Hemorrhoids More Than Congress

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    by Geo Beats

    Public Policy Polling reported that most Americans have a higher opinion of hemorrhoids than they do of Congress.

    Public Policy Polling reported that for the most part, Americans are assigning blame for the budget and shutdown situation to the Republicans.

    They also learned that most people have a higher opinion of hemorrhoids than they do of the government branch.

    To get a bigger picture of how the country really feels, included in the questionnaire were a series of preference questions, weighing Congress against famous and infamous people, diseases, and global crises.

    The pool of participants was comprised of fairly equal numbers of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

    In the end, both the DMV and the IRS fared better in the public’s eyes than Congress.

    Zombies, witches, and cockroaches were also preferred.

    It wasn’t all bad news for Congress, though. Americans thought more highly of them than of Vladimir Putin, Charles Manson, and the Ebola virus.

    Some of the group’s biggest victories were against heroin, Anthony Weiner and Syria.

    Among their greatest defeats suffered were when they got stacked up against Mothers-in Law, public radio fundraising drives, and Wall Street.

    When given the simple option of approving or disapproving of Congress, 86 percent of respondents chose disapprove.