Stunning Earth Images From European Space Agency

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Remarkable landscape images which were taken from space and curated by the European Space Agency as part of their Observing the Earth archive have been released to the public.

Without a doubt, our planet is beautiful. The European Space agency has curated some remarkable photos of Earth from Space as part of their Observing the Earth archive.

One of the photos shows the Clearwater Lakes in Canada’s Quebec province, clearly depicting the green matter on top of the water’s surface and the murky liquid residing underneath.

In another shot, the communities of Aragon and Catalonia in north-eastern Spain are highlighted, appearing to be part of a colorful mosaic. The Ganges Delta in the south Asia area of Bangladesh and India is also featured in one of the landscapes, highlighting a whirlwind of colors.

The foothills of the Andes mountains are covered in another snapshot, the hilly, rough terrain clearly captured. An oasis deep in the Sahara desert of southeast Libya is pictured as a maze of dots surrounded by the sand. The Mississippi River Delta appears to be a red, winding tree set against teal and deep blue swirls of water.

Clouds and snow over the Scandinavian peninsula are depicted as spanning sheets of beautiful grey matter. The sand seas of the Namib Desert were magnificently captured, showcasing the blue and white area as a dry river bed surrounded by red sand dunes.