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    Newly Rescued Pitbull Saves 4-Year-Old Boy's Life

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    In Minneapolis, a mother who rescued a pitbull that was scheduled for euthanization is grateful for her decision to take in the pooch named TaterTot after he saved her son’s life.

    Dogs don’t have to be around their human caretakers for a long period of time before showing loyalty. A Minneapolis mother who rescued a pit-bull scheduled for euthanization is grateful she took the pooch named TaterTot in after he saved her son’s life.

    Christi Smith opted to foster the dog and take him into her home just last week. Smith’s 4-year-old son, Peyton Anderson established a bond almost right away with TaterTot.

    The 10-month-old pit bull had only been in the home for a couple of days, when all of a sudden he began barking, whining, licking and jumping on the child in the middle of the night, alerting Smith that something was wrong.

    It turned out, Peyton was barely breathing. He was rushed to the emergency room where doctors discovered the boy’s blood sugar levels were terrifyingly low.

    Smith credits the newly rescued pooch with saving her son’s life. An authority at the Blue Pearl Veterinary Clinic stated “If the boy's blood sugar was that low, he may have been producing ketones. That may have been what the dog picked up on.”