Daniel Radcliffe Talks HARRY POTTER Spinoff


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Daniel Radcliffe Talks HARRY POTTER Spinoff
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By now, we have all heard about JK Rowling's new Fantastic Beasts passion project coming to the big screen, but could some of the Harry Potter cast members making cameos in the new franchise? Well, right now it seems like anything is possible. To catch you up to speed, we recently told you that Harry Potter author JK Rowling was writing the script to her new book series, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find them. The story will be set 70 years before the Harry Potter books took place, but it is said to be set in the same world with the same kind of wizarding mythology as the previous films. But even though the time frame is much earlier than Harry Potter's story, folks are still curious about whether or not we could actually see any of the Potter stars appear in the new movie. Afterall, time travel was something that Rowling has included in her wizarding world before. Well, Daniel Radcliffe was candid with THR on the matter, and said that he wasn't in the loop on the progress of the new series, but he doubts that he would be coming back saying quote "We can't be doing these characters when we're 40, so there has to be a line drawn," But he wouldn't say never on the matter because quote " I never know what Jo [Rowling] is going to write." But Radcliffe isn't the only Potter cast member getting Fantastic Beasts questions. Alan Rickman, who played Professor Snape was asked about whether or not he would make an appearance in the new franchise, and he seemed to know less and have less hope than Radcliffe saying quote, "I don't really know what she's doing. I suppose I'm wise enough to never say 'never,' but I'm dead so I don't know where I'm going to be scrapped back from. I'm so dead." So, it seems as though Potter fans may have to just go ahead and embrace new cast members in Fantastic Beasts. But who out there would like to see Rowling incorporate time travel into the mix? You gotta let us know your thoughts on the matter, and if you are also on Twitter and Facebook, make sure you are connecting with us over there as well. Im Erin White and thanks for watching.

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