DEBATE - The abduction of Libya's prime minister

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The backlash after a US raid to nab a longtime al Qaeda suspect? A power struggle with Islamist hardliners? Pay demands by militias? The many possible motives behind the kidnapping of Libya's prime minister highlight the Libyan authorities' increasingly tenuous hold on power two years after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi.

Adel RIAME, Researcher and Political Analyst at L'EHESS (School of Social Sciences);
Waheed BURSHAN, Political activist, Former member of the Gharyan Council (CNT);
Sam NAJJAIR, Author of "Soldier for a summer", former Libyan rebel fighter;
Wil CRISP, Independent Journalist in Libya (by Skype from Tripoli);
Marine CASALIS, France 24 Correspondent in Libya;
Adel AL GHRIANI, Manager, Chamber of the Operations of Libyan Rebels.

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Programme prepared and produced by David Boratav, Salima Belhadj and Diaraye Bah

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