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    Akkare 1984: Full Length Malayalam Movie

    Biscoot Malayalam

    by Biscoot Malayalam

    Akkare is a film about Gopi, a Tehsildar in a small town from Kerala. Gopi and his family live in a small house and lead a middle class life. His wife gradually starts pushing him to get a visa to Dubai as she is unhappy with her current lifestyle. Gopi approaches Johnny, Ismael and his brother-in-law, who are already established in Dubai. He badly wants his visa to be cleared so he gets trained in typing and sewing. Doing so, Gopi goes through a series of embarrassing events in his life. In the end, Gopi is suspended from his job because of a case against him. Just as his brother-in-law had told him that if he wants a job in Dubai he should be ready to even pick up loads and work as a laborer, he accordingly takes up that job. Will Gopi be able to achieve what he aspires or end up?