Ohio Express - Sausalito

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And who are the "OHIO EXPRESS NOW"(Gary Garisson ,or tim corwin??)
By jean-pierre laret 4 years ago
I like Ohio express since a long time!!!But,there are ..many Ohio Express.Here,they are members of TenCC!!But very good song ..by OHIO EXPRESS(Still alive and well in 2011!)
By jean-pierre laret 4 years ago
A lot of the songs by those two "new ohio express" are on you tube.
By simon carter 4 years ago
super k productions,kastenetz and katz .were the producers of alot of "bubblegum" music.
they produced a group called crazy elephant,which never really existed.another non exixtent
group were the archies.it was all one guy named ron dante who was the archies.the group steam never really existed.so, when you hear a recording from some of these groups, you really never know who is singing .i haven't heard the new ohio express group yet.when i hear them. i'll let you know.
By billio0104 4 years ago
yes and thank you for your commentary.But,what do you think about the(two)new Ohio Express,one with Gary Garison(lead voc)and Doug Grassell(former member,and an other with Tim Corwin(an other former member on drums,now,lead voc.I think,they are not so bad!!i knew the "very"complicated and strange history of the band under the name "Ohio Express".PS:excuse my"poor english,but I'm belgian-francophone!!!
By simon carter 4 years ago
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