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    The Way They Run - "Between Wages" Blackstar Foundation


    by BlankTV

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    The Way They Run - "Between Wages" Blackstar Foundation - A BlankTV Feature!

    Artist city, country: Stockholm, Sweden

    Artist Biography: Raised in the Swedish hardcore scene, but living in different cities, the members of The Way They Run finally got together in a new constellation to create something completely new to all of them. The Way They Run is a rock band trying to keep the energy of hardcore alive in both the recordings and live shows. Inspired by acts such as Texas Is The Reason, Tom Petty, Samiam, Title Fight, Bruce Springsteen and harder outfits such as American Nightmare, Neurosis, The Cro-Mags and Black Flag just to mention a few, The Way They Run will never forget their roots. With hundreds of shows in almost all parts of the world with bands like Anchor, Guilty, Sista Sekunden, Atlas Losing Grip and more, The Way They Run are no newcomers when it comes to playing in bands, recording records, playing live shows or touring. But for this project they all felt the need to try something new. What will happen if you mix Claes political lyrics with more emotional subjects and what if you let these two work together to create an even stronger message to the listener? How will Viktors song writing skills translate into a completely different style of music and what will happen when you mix in Julians aggressive drum playing with all of this? The result is an honest rock record with aggressive guitars, melodic basslines, hard hitting drums and melodies that will get stuck in your head for the next couple of weeks and that wont give up until it completely decks you.

    Claes' lyrics handle such diverse subjects as alienation of society, abandonment, love and relationships, self-doubt, capitalism and pure aggression towards what our society has become today.

    The 7" EP was recorded in Lund with producer Gustav Burn at Studio Bengt whom helped putting the finishing touches on the songs. Gustav has recorded and produced acts such as Swedish hardcore punks Hårda Tider, Atlas Losing Grip, Anchor and many, many more and helped achieve a hard, distorted sound with clean melodies that really pop out from the soundscape and make a real difference.

    Kalle Garmark (Amen Fanzine, Effort Fanzine, Outlast LP, Final Exit LP etc.) helped create the unique album art and Emil from Blackstar Foundation spared no costs when it came to it, adapting to todays music industry and making this EP something more than just your regular 7".

    The Way They Run have been constantly working on new songs since the recording of this EP and will begin playing shows and touring Sweden and europe as soon as it's released, revealing new songs from an upcoming full length yet to be recorded.

    Stay tuned!

    About The Video: First video for The Way They Run's debut 7" EP

    Director Name: Niclas Lindahl
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    Label Name: Blackstar Foundation
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    Song Lyrics: Like a serpent around my neck. A beast eatin from my flesh. With hooks through my skin they pulled me straight in. My time I've given them and the rest of me they just took. In exchange for better days, dreams I'll never see and blind obedience. A lifetime will be spent before they're through with me. Then what will there be left? The reflections of a broken man. I'll bite my lip, I'll clench my fists. And I fade away from everything, from everyone.I hear their nails being hammered down through my coffin walls.The short stretch of light in this life is gone. All the lies I've told, everything I've bought and everything I've sold.


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