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    Suzanne Whang (House Hunters) and Josh Keaton (Spectacular Spiderman) Live From the Future 338



    First of all (this is not reverse psychology) - do NOT watch this show if you get queasy/have morals/enjoy knitting. It's a rough ride, courtesy of our special guest Suzanne Whang from HGTVs House Hunters. Who knew she was so dirty? Watch for visible blushing about halfway through. But that's not all, we also have Josh Keaton from the Spectacular Spiderman who kept it clean (at least during the actual show). As always John Fulron is playing music, and Jessie is on top of the IMs like a lubed up drunkard trying to balance on top of an uncoordinated dolphin. First it's You Supply the Punchline with the live chatrooms. Then we take a pictorial tour of Johns recent Phish shows with Gone Phishin. Next, Josh Keaton discusses working on the Spectacular Spiderman (Mondays at 7:30 on Disney XD), does some voice over work LIVE, and shows us how to make an In n Out Burgerrito. Then Suzanne came on (the entire show apparently. BOOM!) and explained all about her *extensive knowledge* (not for kids) of intimate relations. Later, we had the chatroom choose a useless skill and I choose to see her Monkey Face; it's nice. We ended the show on a classic: Strictly Platonic. Be sure to check out all of our shows and clips on "LIVE! From the future... with Geoff Trail!" Subscribe to our show HERE! Watch all our shows HERE! Visit our brand new website