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    SpasmoMan - DER TANZEN TEUFEL Part1


    par YourDanceFloorTv

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    It is quite impossible to keep your feet standing still when the spirit of the dance takes possession of your body , that's the aim of DER TANZEN TEUFEL. SpasmoMan tells it all , here with the Part 1 , with some Balkan strings on a tech tribal house madness. A 128 Bpm furious and eclectic crossover techno banger. Try this on!!
    • Label: Jambalay Records
    • Genre: Dance - House - Tech / Minimal
    • Release Date:
    • Beatport:2013-10-09
    • All Portals:2013-10-23
    • Price: DIGITAL45 (1.49 € / 1.99 $)
    • Release Copyright: SpasmoMan
    • Visual Copyright: Roberto Milanesi
    • Production Year: 2013
    • # Tracks: 1
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