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    Public Angry At Vikings Stadium Deal

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    by UpTake Video

    Angering members of the public who attended the Authority meeting in the Metrodome was the fact that the agreements were not available for public inspection until the authority met to approve them; they were posted to the authority website at 5 p.m., the same time Thursday’s meeting got underway. None were made available to the public at the meeting, either. In fact, it wasn’t clear that the authority members had even read the finalized agreements they were to approve. What’s more, no public comments were permitted before the vote to approve the agreements no one had seen.

    It didn’t sit well with the audience. A motion was made and seconded to approve the agreements when a man stood up and said, “Excuse me. Don’t we have chance to speak before this is approved?”

    Authority chair Michele Kelm-Helgen answered, “There’s a public comment period that we do at the end.”

    “This is before you approve it right?” the man followed up.

    “No,” she said.

    “Then why the hell are we here? This is a kangaroo show.”

    The authority passed the agreements unanimously, with only one member asking a question — an obscure one concerning whether international Vikings games at the stadium would result in lost revenue. Distributed by