The Premature Child

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A premature child is a child born before the normal 37-week gestation period is complete. Of the 4000 births a year at Geneva’s maternity hospital, 300 to 400 are preterm and require specialized treatment depending on their degree of prematurity.

Although there are various causes for preterm birth, all such newborns are immediately transferred to the neonatal intensive care service that works in close collaboration with the obstetrics, gynecology and intensive care units.

This film has been prepared for families who are or risk being directly concerned with preterm birth.

You will discover the neonatal service where premature children and their parents are cared for, while getting to know the various steps – both medical and psychological - that are involved.

This will be followed by questions related to the preterm child’s development and the importance of the follow-up care to be given by doctors and the family as well.

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