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    CHECK OUT | Salman Khan - Range Rover Se Auto Rickshaw Tak

    Moviez Adda

    by Moviez Adda

    As we know, our favorite star Salman Khan has never chosen to go easy with his anger and thanks to this, he has also been often dragged into several controversies happening in and around the town. However, having already brushed up through his wronged stories, the recent buzz now grabs a yet another story to his well acclaimed anger-kitty. Reportedly, a couple of days back, Salman was driving through the streets in his plush car Range Rover, when it suddenly got an unexpected break down! Well, for the obvious reasons he was extremely miffed with the unexpected car failure and took a rick back home! But what added to this story, is his furious statements directly stated to the Range Rover customer service! Apparently, our Dabbang star proved not less than being Dabbang by instantly using the twitter forum to lash out the Range Rover customer service by disgracing them publically for being poor, unprofessional and careless! Well, having taken panga with our Sallu Miyan, we wonder, what more is in store our for Range Rover services! What say viewers?