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    Staten Island Hardcore (SIHC) - A History - Official Trailer - City Lights Films


    by BlankTV

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    SIHC - A History - Official Trailer - City Lights Films

    Artist city, country: Staten Island, New York, USA

    Director Name: Anthony Clemente
    Producer Name: Samuel Peralta

    About The Video: This is the extended trailer for the upcoming hardcore punk documentary called Staten Island Hardcore (SIHC) - A History

    Hardcore.....punk......Staten Island.....THE SCENE.....

    For those of us into underground music, we may all have been apart of a scene at one point in our lives. Some of us pass through it and some stay for life, but we all have memories that stick in our minds forever.

    Anthony Clemente and Samuel Peralta both grew up on Staten Island andhave been going to shows and playing in bands since the early 1990s. They wanted to know what came before them, what memories others have during their times, and where everyone is now. Staten Island was a breeding ground of fast, aggressive, loud, obtrusive music, and it still goes on today.

    This is a history of the Staten Island Hardcore / Punk music scene.

    Staten Island is one of the 5 boroughs of NYC. Usually known as the "forgotten borough", Staten Island is usually associated with typical stereo types related to the Jersey Shore or fist pumping guidos.

    Little do many know that Staten Island was graced with many early performances by The Dead Kennedys, and Metallica, and also had some local rockstars of their own.

    Two of us are full time film students, and all three of us work full time jobs as well. Any time we have goes towards finding information about the history of the Staten Island Hardcore / Punk scene.

    We have logged almost 16 hours just in footage / interviews. Our biggest obstacle is finding old footage from the 1980s/1990s to show the history.

    We have not only found old show footage, but have received show footage from Staten Island hardcore punk scene pioneers. They were kind enough to dig up old photographs and flyers as well.

    Our dates of history currently are between 1982 to the present.


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