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    Robert Downy Jr.~Marisa Tomei~ONLY YOU~Al Di La~Emilio Pericoli


    by Genia

    My Darling Friends and Visitors,
    Let us away to Bella Italia......Roma ~~Venezia~~ Amalfi.

    Montage of scenes from OnlyYOU starring Robert Downy Jr. and Marisa Tomei.

    A woman throws caution to the wind in the pursuit of the man of her dreams -- whom she's never met -- in this romantic comedy. Eleven-year-old Faith (Tammy Minoff) and her cousin Kate (Jessica Hertel) are playing with a Ouiji Board when Faith asks who she will marry -- the magic oracle answers "DAMON BRADLEY," and Faith is convinced that she will one day meet this ideal love. Fifteen years later, Faith (Marisa Tomei) has yet to meet her perfect man and has settled for Dwayne (John Benjamin Hickey), a sweet but boring foot doctor whom she's engaged to marry, with Kate (Bonnie Hunt) helping her plan the festivities. The day before the ceremony, Faith gets a call from one of the groom's friends, who won't be able to attend because he's travelling to Italy instead -- and his name is Damon Bradley. Convinced that fate is trying to tell her something, Faith hops on the next flight to Venice, where she searches for the elusive Damon, and along the way meets the charming Peter Wright (Robert Downey, Jr.). This was Tomei and Downey's second romantic pairing, following their roles in the biopic Chaplin.

    Music is Al Di La, Emilio Pericoli

    Al di là (Beyond)

    I couldn't believe it was possible
    For these words to be said:

    Beyond the most precious good, there you are.
    Beyond the most ambitious dream, there you are.

    Beyond the most beautiful things, there you are.
    Beyond the stars, there you are.
    Beyond, there you are for me, for me, just for me.

    Beyond the deepest sea, there you are.
    Beyond the borders of the world, there you are.
    Beyond the infinite vault (=the sky), beyond life.
    There you are, beyond, there you are for me.
    la la la...
    (There you are).

    Ci sei tu = you are there - in this case, "ci" means there, in that place.

    Più means more (più bello di... = more beautiful than... but il più bello = the most beautiful)