Canadian freight train derails after Bonnybrook bridge collapses



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A freight train carrying petroleum products derailed in Calgary following the collapse of Bonnybrook Bridge.

According to reports, the bridge is believed to have been weakened by recent flooding in the area. Canadian Pacific Railways blamed increased flows on the river for scouring away one of the bridge's supporting piers. Around 3:30am, the bridge partially collapsed, leaving five carriages of a 102-car train stranded perilously over the water.
The cars contain petroleum diluent, a flammable light oil product that is used in paint and polishes.

A carriage loaded with rocks was used to anchor the cars to prevent the stranded cars from floating down the river in the event the bridge collapsed. According to reports, officials plan to use pumps to offload the petroleum products before removing the cars from the bridge using a crane. According to Reuters, authorities half enforced an evacuation zone in the vicinity of the bridge.

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