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    Rejected Pitches: Oscars Special Part 2

    Above Average

    by Above Average

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    Rejected Pitches: Oscars Special Part 2
    Just because a movie is nominated for an Oscar doesn't mean it should've been made into a movie.

    Rejected Pitches: The vast majority of movie pitches are rejected. Even movies that we know and love--or sort of love--were most likely rejected at some point, too. This is a webseries about the movie executives who rejected those pitches.

    Episode Credits:

    Starring Kelly Hudson, Dan Klein, Ben Rameaka


    Matt Dennie as Tom Hooper
    Sho Suzuki as Ang Lee
    Maggie Carey as Kathryn Bigelow
    Scott Rogowsky as Steven Spielberg

    Written and Created by Dan Klein
    Directed by Greg Stees
    Edited by Kelly Hudson
    Sound by Andrew Yip
    Makeup by Tiffany Patton
    Special Thanks to Kayla Nadel-Lamotta

    Above Average Producers Celeste Ballard & Brendan McMorrow

    Music Provided by Jingle Punks