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    Willo the Wisp - Episode 9- Wugged Wocks


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    Arthur and Mavis come across the Beast leading an army of ants through Dorley Wood. When Arthur asks the Beast what he is doing, the Beast tells him what he was told by Carwash; that if he can encircle Evil Edna at midnight with a perfect circle of ants and recites the magic words, the spell she cast on him would be reversed. Just like that he would be transformed back to his former self, Pwince Humbert the Handsome. At the stroke of midnight the Beast assembles the ants around Evil Edna who is fast asleep, but he struggles to pronounce the magic words and does more harm than good. - YourKidTv - La chaîne dédiée aux enfants - YourKidTv est la chaîne dédiée pour vos enfants. Retrouvez des comptines , des chansons, des vidéos éducatives et autres pour vos enfants et nouveaux nés. Abonnez-vous gratuitement pour rester facilement connecté et accéder rapidement à nos nouvelles vidéos ! -Facebook FanPage: - YourKidTv: