Willo the Wisp - Episode 15 - Halloween


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It was Halloween in Doyley Wood and it also happened to be Evil Edna’s birthday. Everyone else was planning a Halloween party for that evening. As nightfall arrived the sky was filled with witches on their broomsticks. Mavis wanted to give Evil Edna a present and if everyone thought nice thoughts Mavis could cast a spell to get Evil Edna a witch kit to fly with the other witches. The others put on their Halloween masks and when evil Edna arrives she likes the present and decides that she wouldn’t turn them all into frogs, but let them stay as they are, forever and ever, with their masks still on! As Evil Edna flies off with her witch kit Arthur starts to think unkind thoughts and the witch kit disappears with evil Edna still in the air. - YourKidTv - La chaîne dédiée aux enfants - YourKidTv est la chaîne dédiée pour vos enfants. Retrouvez des comptines , des chansons, des vidéos éducatives et autres pour vos enfants et nouveaux nés. Abonnez-vous gratuitement pour rester facilement conn