Willo the Wisp - Episode 10- The Flight of Mavis


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When Arthur is woken up by Mavis’ heavy footsteps as she rushes through Doyley Wood, Arthur questions why Mavis cannot fly like all the other fairies. Mavis is determined to learn, with Arthurs help. After a few failed attempts Arthur comes to the conclusion that Mavis is too heavy to fly and needs to go on a diet. Mavis stops eating fairy cakes for a whole week, before she tries to fly again. The next week when she tries, she finds that she can fly. Now it wasn’t long before Evil Edna came along and decided to teach Mavis a lesson for flying. She turns the tree into a fairy cake tree and Mavis just couldn’t resist the cakes, but it might be a problem for her wings. - YourKidTv - La chaîne dédiée aux enfants - YourKidTv est la chaîne dédiée pour vos enfants. Retrouvez des comptines , des chansons, des vidéos éducatives et autres pour vos enfants et nouveaux nés. Abonnez-vous gratuitement pour rester facilement connecté et accéder rapidement à nos nouvelles vidéos ! -Facebook FanPage: h

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