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    Willo the Wisp - Episode 5 - The Dragon


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    Sometimes strange things can happen in Doyley Wood. As Mavis and Arthur are walking through the woods they hear a loud ROAR! It is a creature that looks like a dragon, a very small dragon indeed. Arthur thinks the creature is a Common Loudmouthed Lizard because it’s so small, and besides, real dragons breathe fire. This angers the creature who tries to burn Arthur, but no fire comes out of his mouth. The creature has run out of fuel. Arthur asks Mavis to give the creature a full tank of fuel, but she refuses because fuel is in short supply and should not be wasted on silly show off games, just to prove the creature is a dragon. But Evil Edna who had been hiding behind a bush jumps out and turns herself into a self-service petrol pump. The creature fills up with petrol and takes a deep breath. It looks like we will find out whether the creature is a dragon after all. - YourKidTv - La chaîne dédiée aux enfants - YourKidTv est la chaîne dédiée pour vos enfants. Retrouvez des comptines , d