Chinese tourists told stop pooping smoking nose picking yelling when abroad

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Chinese tourists have been described as locusts by Hong Kong residents. They are considered a pestilence in Europe where they descend on the local's crop of museums and gift shops, leaving a trail of feces and angry shopkeepers, with cash in hand. Like Americans and Japanese before them, the Chinese tourist has graduated to the level of most reviled, even while they have become the most relied upon source of income for half-rate tourist attractions all over the world. Towns, museums, and traditional crafts that have long outlived their reason for existing now cling to the Chinese tourist as the last hope at staving off productive work.

Knowing that this greasy symbiosis is only going to get nastier, the Chinese government is doing what it can to hold up its half of the bargain. While requiring tour operators to actually provide services to the paying tourists, and not simply take their money and dump them into the ocean, the government is also encouraging tourists travelling abroad, many of them for the first time, to be more culturally sensitive. They have released a pamphlet containing friendly reminders for Chinese tourists such as, "Don't leave footprints on the toilet seat" and "Don't pick your nose in public." Save all that until you get home! The pamphlet also includes a list of cultural taboos by country. In India, don't offer your poo hand to people when greeting them. In Nepal, don't let your poo foot touch anything of value. And in Africa, avoid the N word. In fact, just don't even comment on the appearance of anything. Yes, we know people have different skin pigmentation from one another, but please don't stand up on a chair, point, and yell to your travel companions when this difference occurs to you. Even worse, after all the money China has spent on infrastructure and language classes in Africa, it's not unlikely that your target will understand you. So shut up!


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