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    Integrated Manual Therapy for Pelvic Stabilization & Complicated Knee Conditions with James Waslaski


    by MassageNerd

    http://OneConcept.com Lower Body Conditions covered - Low back pain, sciatica, SI joint dysfunction, compressed discs, bulging discs, hip capsule adhesions, spinal stenosis, lower cross syndrome, IT band friction syndrome, patellar tendinosis, chondramalacia, quadriceps strain, hamstring strain, ligament sprains, meniscus tears, Achilles tendinosis, posterior medial shin splints, anterior lateral shin splints, anterior compartment syndrome, ankle sprain/ strain, plantarfasciitis, bunions, hammer toes, and neuromas.

    Knee Conditions: patellar tendinosis, chondramalacia, IT band friction syndrome, plantaris strain, popliteus strain, meniscus tear, knee alignment problems and ligament sprains.Pelvic and Low Back Conditions; Low back pain, Sciatica, compressed discs, bulging discs, nerve compression, spinal stenosis, spondylothesis, muscle strains, hip capsule adhesions, SI joint dysfunction, and lower cross syndrome.