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    Illinois Man dies in trash compactor while searching for phone

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    A 56-year-old man from Palatine, Illinois was crushed to death by a trash compactor while searching for his missing phone. After Roger Mirro's wife had left him for the day, he went about his daily business not noticing until the afternoon that his phone was missing. Mirro suspected he had accidentally dropped his phone down the garbage chute of his apartment building. He approached a neighbor for a key to the apartment building's garbage room, planning to search for the phone himself, presumably as it was after hours. After unlocking the garbage room door and using a ladder to climb into the industrial-sized garbage compactor, the compaction mechanism kicked into gear. When this happens, it can be almost impossible to escape from the barrel of the machine. Mirro's wife returned home later that evening to discover her husband was nowhere to be found. After waiting several hours for him to turn up, she called the police to report her husband was missing. Police came to the apartment building to investigate and happened across the neighbor who had loaned Mirro the key to the building's garbage room. After investigation, police found the ladder and the Mirro's body and have ruled his death an accident.


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