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    Justin Bieber stuffs fan's phone down pants

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    Justin Bieber put a fan's phone down the front of his pants during a concert in Newark, New Jersey this week. And it was all caught on phone video and posted to a YouTube account of the name Sara Tomlinson.

    Hordes of screaming girls were lobbing random objects onto the stage, prompting Biebs to call a timeout for a vocabulary lesson.

    "Do you know what refrain means? It means don't throw things!" he explained.

    Then, for reasons incomprehensible to anyone who makes their own money, one fan, presumably a female, threw what appears to be an iPhone onto the stage. Bieber picked up the smartphone, and, as you do, stuffed it down the front of his pants.

    He strutted on stage a bit, with the phone safely tucked away in what could only have been a warm and moist crotchal area, then pulled the device up for air and tossed it aside in his oh-so-sexy-cool Bieber kinda way.

    We can only guess what the condition of the phone was once it was returned to its owner. Here's our version of events.


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