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    Ross Deluxe Syncopaters - Skad-O-Lee


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    This fabulous, but short-lived band was a group from Savannah. The orchestra broke up in 1928 after playing for two weeks in Brooklyn at the Rosemont Ballroom. Pianist Alonzo Ross was the leader, but a special mention deserves Robert Cloud. Although sadly forgotten today, he was an outstanding" saxophonist, pianist bandleader, composer and arranger. Active in the late 1920s and the early 1930s, he was often credited with leading his own group, and at other times as a sideman in groups with such diverse names as the Georgia Jumpers, The QRS Boys, The Grand Central Red Cap Quartet, and last but not least the Ross De Luxe Syncopaters. This record was made in 1927. The vocalist is Margret Miller.