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    Lord Buddha - Beginning of the Journey (The Life of Buddha)

    The calm and compassionate face of the Buddha is known all over the world. Buddha was a spiritual teacher of ancient India whose ideas on freeing mankind from sorrow and suffering form the basis of Buddhism. Buddha was born in the sixth century BC., into a royal family. Known as Siddhartha, he realized that human life was short and full of sadness. He found out a path to Enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment. He was then known as the Buddha,which means "Enlightened One". For the rest of his life, the Buddha travelled great distances teaching people about the "MIDDLE PATH", the way to end to suffering. He taught the four Noble Truths of suffering, cause of suffering, end of suffering, and the Path to do that. Buddhism offers hope and access to spiritual understanding and satisfaction to everybody. Throughout the world today, people still follow the teaching of the Buddha.
    Siddhartha meditates for six long years without food and sleep but finally gives up torture of the body for a new path.