United Kingdom Talk LIVE Saturday 5th October 2013

Chris Reardon
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Chris Reardon's Talk Show.
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Is midday afternoon or morning ?
Happy Birthday Eva.
Black Cap, Camden.
Bike chains and parts do not seem to last as long as they used to.
The mirrorball once nearly fell down at a gig.
Fluctuating showers.
Is midnight night or morning ?
Another new Barry Picture.
A box of fudge.
I've been on LBC.
John's audio message for the week.
Happy Birthday George.
Virgin Active, Wokingham, take ages to repair things.
How to remain a dj for a long time.
People that go on and on.
Collecting nasty pictures from cigarette packets.
NHS managers. What are they paid ?
I would go and see Justin Beiber.
How do actors and actresses learn their lines ?
Cyclists who jump red lights.
No free membership months.
The NHS staff who may not be getting their 1% pay rise.
Does Richard jump the rent ?
Flu injection.

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